If you are looking for great beer, you are in the right place – there are many great breweries in San Luis Obispo and the Central Coast. While Firestone Walker Brewing might be the most well known brewery in San Luis Obispo, there are dozens of other craft breweries in the area making great beers and becoming local household names in SLO.

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Map of Breweries in San Luis Obispo

We’ve put together an overview of all the breweries in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding areas for your tasting pleasure. Know of a brewery in SLO we missed? Drop us a line, we’d be happy to add them!

Central Coast Brewing

Tap It Brewing

Bang the Drum

The Libertine Brew Pub: SLO

The Libertine Brew Pub: Morro Bay

Metro Brewing

BarrelHouse Speak Easy

SLO Brew: The Rock Brewery & Taproom

SLO Brew Restaurant

ManRock Brewing

Dunbar Brewing

Little Tree Brewing

Pismo Brewing Company

Tent City Brewing

Three Stacks Brewing

Firestone Walker Brewing

Silva Brewing

BarrelHouse Brewing

Earth & Fire Brewing

Toro Creek Brewing

All About San Luis Obispo Breweries

While SLO might be a small town, there is definitely no shortage of breweries in San Luis Obispo and the surrounding areas. With more than a dozen craft breweries in the area, there is a brewery and beer for every beer drinker. The oldest brewery (still operating) in the area is SLO Brew which opened its brew house back in 1988. Since 1988, there have been many more breweries in San Luis Obispo opening their doors including:

  • Firestone Walker Brewing – 1996
  • Dunbar Brewing – 1997
  • Central Coast Brewing – 1998
  • Tap It Brewing – 2010
  • Pismo Brewing Co – 2010
  • Tent City Brewing – 2012
  • BarrelHouse Brewing – 2012
  • ManRock Brewing – 2012
  • The Libertine Brewing – 2012
  • Bang the Drum – 2015
  • Little Tree Brewing – 2016

If you love big hoppy IPA’s you are in luck – many of the breweries in San Luis Obispo feature big bold West Coast IPA’s. Almost every brewery here in SLO has one or two IPA’s. Some, such as Tap It feature several IPA’s which include floral, citrus, and unique fruit driven IPA’s. Many of the breweries have even won awards for their IPA’s such as Central Coast Brewing (2016 World Beer Cup, Lucky Day IPA), Tap It (2013 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition, West Coast IPA), and SLO Brew (2002 Great American Beer Festival, IPA).

While many of these San Luis Obispo breweries are known for their IPA’s that hop heads love, the craft breweries in SLO don’t stop there. You can find a wide variety of other beers in town. Bang the Drum is known for their small batch brewing of unique beers including their unique takes on wheats, porters, and browns. Central Coast Brewing features some head turning non-IPA options including their Chai Ale, stouts, Czech pale lager, and pilsner. BarrelHouse is renown for their easy drinking Sunny Daze blonde ale and their creamy stout is another popular choice for those who avoid IPAs.

If you are looking to check out several different breweries, you might want to look into Hop on Beer Tours. They provide four hour driven tours for 15 to 20 people through either the North County breweries (Firestone, Barrelhouse, Dunbar) or the San Luis Obispo brewery tour (Central Coast, Tap It, Libertine, Bang the Drum) with the option to book private tours and set your own course. Not only will the Hop on Beer Tours in San Luis Obispo take you to some of the best breweries around but the knowledgeable tour guides will share inside trivia, stories, and details to give you a superior knowledge of San Luis Obispo breweries.